Delighted to be heading out to do our first outdoor LED screen installation ‘on course’ at Fulford Golf Club in York, North Yorkshire. We are using two screens outdoor LED screens measuring 3m wide by 1.5m high. The screens will link up to the online scoring system that tracks players as they go around the golf course. Spectators and players will be able to see how the scores are changing as the rounds progress. It should be more fun for everyone at the course next weekend for the British Girls Under 16 tournament.

The most recent kit to arrive at PPL is the very  latest in LED technology. We took delivery this morning of a P3.9mm screen measuring 3m by 1.5m for one of our clients. We will check all the kit, PAT test it and make sure everything is working fine, then pack it up in flight cases so that all the tiles and spares are all safe and secure. We’ll install the screen onsite, train operators and check back to make sure all is going well. Is IP65 rated so able to withstand all weather conditions..

PPL were delighted to attend the ISE exhibition in Amsterdam. This year had a series of spectacular sound and vision experiences to excite the senses. We enjoyed setting foot on the LED dance floor, where we left our mark. We also enjoyed seeing the new LCD rod displays which we look forward to stocking. LED screens and LCD screens are so much more flexible than static posters, and the options keep getting more varied. Manchester and Liverpool have certainly seen their fair share of screen installations of late, and we think this will continue to a town near you soon.

Delighted to visit the Manchester Chamber of Commerce construction lunch. Great to hear all about the new plans for Manchester and Manchester Airport. Got to make some new friends and enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Lowry Theatre Manchester. Looking forward to providing LED screen installations in Manchester.

Communication of information at sports events is critical, and screens at events are both needed and expected. Each year we have a team of a dozen staff at The Open Golf Championship building the on-course outdoor LED screens for The R&A.

This year we started onsite in May. British weather can be unpredictable, so anyone part of the team will see all four seasons when working outdoors on a golf course.

When we assessed the challenge, we selected LED screens that were purposely meant for outdoor use and capable of being viewed from 50m away. Each screen has its own supporting structure. A total 51 tonnes of steel is used in these structures. There are 394 bolt connections per structure, and 178,432 LED clusters per screen. Oh, and the screens needed to be able to handle winds of up to 90 mph.

We work with The R&A to make sure the locations of the screens are correct. We install the structure, make sure it is level, then install the LED tiles. Finally we connect it to a generator power source and test the screen.

The process of installing LED screens at The Open started in 2014 and has grown every year since. On practise days the screens display the tee times golfers and show which hole they are on. On tournament days the screens tell you who is playing on any given hole, helping to make a visit to The Open more informative and enjoyable.

We were recently engaged to work on a mobile classroom project. Our client was building a trailer type vehicle around 70 venues over the course of a year and wanted to install an LED screen to display information.

Custom LED installs are a passion of ours so our crew went to visit the trailer in the build process and measure up. We provided a state of the art P3.9mm LED screen to Scottish Golf and our installers travelled to the client’s trailer to install the screen (no jokes about the trailer having a ‘hole in one’). Custom installs are all about the detail, so having done our site visit and inspection the installation went smoothly.

You’ll be able to see the LED screen travelling around the highlands and lowlands of Scotland, visiting many golf courses on its way, with the LED displaying Scottish Golf competitions, scores and information.

Having a nice big area to build LED screens means we are able to test them out before they leave the building. We’re really lucky to have this space and make full use of it for testing and for maintenance.

Many of the LED screens we build are to a bespoke size (indoor or outdoor screens) so we have built a frame that has moveable supports so we can move it around to fit any size of screen build, simples!